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I'm vaccinated and accepting
in-person students!

Private Lessons


I just have to say, whether you are a student or a parent, I am so excited that you are searching out information about private lessons! Even if you end up studying with a different teacher, I'm excited for you to begin this journey. Lessons are such an important part of musician's lives, and can be about so much more than just 'how to play an instrument better.' My personal private teachers influenced not only my love for music and the flute, but helped to mold me into the person I am today. From my elementary piano teacher, to my graduate school professors, each one has taught me valuable life skills outside of music that I am forever grateful for.


Parents, if you are wondering, "My child has band class everyday at school, why would they also need private lessons?" Linked below, is a brief article from that lays out several reasons why private lessons are beneficial outside of band class. Plus, lessons are also just fun!

article here


About my lessons:

I am passionate about helping others reach their goals. There is nothing I love more than helping my students to develop skills that will help them to be successful not only in their current goals, but in their future ones as well - even if they aren't music related! I strive to keep my lessons relaxed and encouraging, while still upholding expectations and standards. 

Lessons are taught in my home studio in Kennesaw, GA. I do have two very friendly dogs in my home, if that is an issue, accommodations can be made. In-your-home and in-school lessons can also arranged on a case by case basis. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I have also dived into teaching lessons online! 

Depending on age and skill level, I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. I currently teach mostly middle and high school flutists, but want to expand into teaching young beginners and adult flute students! I try to stay competitive with local rates, so they may vary from time to time. Please contact me for current lesson rates.


If you would like to check out my studio policies, I am more than happy to email you a copy.


What do you need for lessons?

 - flute: in good working order. If you don’t have one right away do not worry, I may have one you can borrow while we find an instrument suitable for your needs.

 - binder: to store all materials used in weekly lessons.

 - pencil: to take notes and write down weekly assignments.

 - metronome & tuner: to help with accurate and consistent practice. I recommend this one. It can be found in most music stores and on Amazon!

 - music stand: so you can properly practice at home.

 - positive attitude: learning a new skill will be discouraging at times, a great attitude will make all the difference!

 - Supplementary materials: Method books, etudes, and other items are to be bought by the student (or parents). 

Not sure if lessons are for you or your child? Send me a message, I would love to talk through it with you. 

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