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July 6 - 31, 2020

Has your flute not seen the light of day since school closed back in March? 

Want to get a head start on audition prep,

 or maybe you're bored and just want to try something different? 

This is the camp for YOU!

When I was in high school, my parents always wanted to know the  "5 W's" up front when I asked to do something. So, to make this easier on you, and them, here is the virtual flute camp in a nutshell:

Who: High School Flutists of all levels

What: 4 weeks of Virtual flute "boot camp" 

Where: anywhere that has an internet connection and is socially acceptable to play your flute.

When: Monday - Friday, July 6 - 31, 2020

Why: To help you get your playing ready for school, or assist you in reaching your personal flute-y goals.

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So, what IS this flute camp all about?

I designed this camp because I want to help YOU! I want to invest my time into each and every participant to help them set and meet personal goals, establish sustainable practice habits, maintain consistency, and overcome the quarantine funk all while having fun playing the flute.


The camp is 4 weeks (Monday - Friday) of weekly one-on-one virtual private lessons, group ZOOM technique classes, live videos on flute topics, community discussions, weekly challenges, and guided practice. While the camp is long in length, your daily commitments are extremely flexible and may only take about an hour of your time (not including your practice time). My goal of helping participants form sustainable practice habits is why I made the length of the course what it is. It takes time and consistency to form habits, and 1-2 weeks just wasn't going to cut it. 

This camp is for high school flutists of various skill levels. All of the materials used can be tailored to individual needs and goals. So, whether you are fresh out of middle school or an all-state regular, there will be material to challenge your skills and help you grow.


Topics that will be covered:

- Stretching and Breathing

- Posture and hand position

- Injury Prevention

- Flute care and Maintenance

- Tone

- Articulation

- Vibrato

- Technique

- When and how to upgrade your flute

- Important flutists and repertoire

- Practice skills and troubleshooting problems

- How to set and achieve realistic goals

- And more!

What is the cost?

$200 (that's just a little bit more than most private lessons for 4 weeks)

and that covers:

- Weekly 60 minute 1-on-1 private lessons.

- Weekly ZOOM group technique class. 

- Each participant will receive a PDF packet that contains: practice exercises, stretches, warm-ups, technique work, tone studies, articulation patterns, selected articles, and practice schedule.

- Each participant will also receive a personal practice schedule each week. My goal is to take the guess work out of practicing for you, and to help you make progress that you can track. Think of it kind of like practicing, but with a personal flute trainer. 

- Access to a private Facebook group where all other daily activities will take place. You will be able to interact with other participants, attend live flute topic lectures with me, participate in weekly challenges, and ask questions or get advice from me practically 24/7. 

P.S. if you will be attending band camp at your school during any portion of this camp, I am more than happy to work with your band camp schedule. Even if we need to extend our lessons past the 4 week end date!

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